The Latest iPad 5 Rumors – Price, Release Date, and Features

The Latest iPad 5 Rumors - Price, Release Date, and FeaturesThe iPad 5 speculation continues.  Yes, rumors were strife that Apple was going to release the new iPad 5 in June of 2013. Now though, it seems that these rumors have been rejected by Apple.
With the announcement, it seems now that the expected release date may vary from September 2013 to even November 2013; it seems Apple is using this opportunity to combine the iPad 5 releases with iPhones and iPods, and ensuring the company with large sales through a very well managed Christmas campaign.
Even though the waiting period may seem long, this is the perfect opportunity for Apple to properly conceive the iPad 5, in their hardware domain, as well as in software.
Most of the tech experts feel that Apple’s first target is to make the new iPad 5, 25 percent lighter and 15 percent thinner. This is caused mainly by changing the 3 cell battery with a 2 cell one and by trying to fuse the gorilla glass cover and digitizer screen into one single unit. Even though it will have smaller autonomy, advantages always come, by reducing the iPad’s overheating and battery leaking, problems that have been reported in previous iPads. Still, there may be an improvement in battery life for the iPad, as there are rumors that Apple will also release an Inductive Smart Cover, containing its own battery, where you can plug-in your iPad, expanding its battery lifespan.  Supposed to have a A6X improved processor, the iPad 5 will be faster and more reliable, while consuming the battery slightly slower than the iPad 4.
When it comes to pricing, ranges are expected to be from $520 for the 16GB model and could raise up to $728 for the 128GB. The mobile 4G version adds another $130 for each storage version. The new iPad 5 will probably be released at the same prices as the iPad 4 that is now in stores, even though retailers will soon lower the prices for previous versions.

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