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products. Their price reflects this pride. Typically, price drops are not in the vocabulary of Apple stores. Now Apple has—at times—shown appreciation to their customers by providing certain discounts – but never extreme price drops. On the other hand, retailers who carry Apple products are in the business of making sales at every possible opportunity. Retailers can see the magnitude of profit coming from the sale of the iPad 5. So, we suspect they would like to make room on their shelves, but clearing their stock of iPad 4’s.With that in mind, many retailers are setting price reductions now in preparation of the new Apple iPad 5. Typically, retailers will set a price drop even a month prior to the release of a new product. We suspect this 
strategy—of some retailers slashing prices on the current stocked iPad 4′s—could be signaling preparation to make room for the iPad 5.There are several retailers who are currently taking advantage of the upcoming anticipated release of the Apple’s new iPad 5.  The first of which is mega-retailer, Walmart. Walmart is said to have reduced its price of iPad 4 by $30. We suspect that we might hear more about Apple’s iPad 5 during Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) schedule to begin in June.  At minimum, we should hear about the iPad 5’s planned features, but we also hope to hear more details around their planned launch of the iPad 5 that Apple fans can’t seem to wait to get their hands on.Filed Under: Technology Tagged With: iPad 5 features, ipad 5 launch, iPad 5 Release, iPad 5 Rumors,walmart, walmart ipad, walmart ipad 4, walmart ipad 5An Apple Surpise – Will We See An Early Release of iPad 5, iPad Mini 2, or iPhone 6? They say ‘in the Fall’, But….April 30, 2013 By Sullivan T. Davis
Rumors suggest that Apple may launch their next smartphone, iPhone 5S, on June 29th this year in a special event celebrating six years of the iPhone brand.  The first iPhone, the smartphone that shook the roots to all mobile device industry, was launched on June 29, 2007, during a presentation held by the late Steve Jobs, in San Francisco.  Now, last week, in their earnings call, Apple hinted that we shouldn’t expect any major product releases until the Fall.  So, we are left to wonder, if Apple will surprise us all with an early release of the iPad 5 or iPad Mini 2 as part of this event.  While the chance is doubtful, we are still hopeful, and we just can’t help but speculate.
This time, the introduction of new devices will be made by the current head of Apple, Tim Cook, and time is very important by the fact that the iPhone 5 was the last product that has imprinted ideas of Steve Jobs.  In other words, the iPhone 5s and iPad 5 will be the first post-Jobs era models, and timing is crucial to see whether or not Apple is able to innovate.The June 29, 2013 event will be called “Original Passion, New Ideas” and will aim to recapture fans, and regaining investor confidence in the company. According to the latest information on the market, the iPhone 5S will be an upgraded version of the iPhone 5 and could provide a lock / unlock feature by handprint recognition, Full HD screen, a 13 MP camera and wireless charging.
An Apple Surpise - Will We See An Early Release of iPad 5, iPad Mini 2, or iPhone 6?  They say ‘in the Fall’, But….According to Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst with KGI Securities company, the next version of iPad Mini tablet will come with a Retina Display not too different from that on the iPad-size tablet.  As for iPad 5 Ming-Chi Kuo also says that it will be ‘thinner and lighter’ than the previous one, and its design will follow “thinner” look used in iPad Mini.  While there is a chance Apple might surprise us, we aren’t keeping our fingers crossed and we expect the iPad 5 and the iPad Mini 2 to be released in the Fall.  But, we can still hope.

Apple iPad Mini 2 vs. Apple iPad 5 – Which One You Should Buy

Questions about the upcoming release dates for the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 are haunting Apple fans now more than ever, especially those who are eagerly waiting to lay their hands on these devices. Customers are curious to see what innovation Apple has to bring to both products, from hardware updates to new software and apps.  For Apple fans, this presents a dilemma – buy the iPad 5, which now seems a little more “mini-like” or go for the iPad Mini 2.
Both the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 are rumored to have new features, with enhanced processor or display resolution, which increases their performance, while having a sleek, more narrow design.
The biggest rumor about the iPad 5 relates to the fact that Apple is trying to design it in such a way that it will be 25 percent lighter and 15 percent thinner. This is possible thanks to hardware improvement that will allow the iPad 5 to be faster and better at lower power consumption, enabling this way the battery’s reduction from a 3 cell to a 2 cell. At the same time, it will solve previous overheating and battery leaking issues that have been reported in the past. The thickness of the iPad 5 will be reduced by merging the touch screen with the new Gorilla Glass.
Apple iPad Mini 2 vs. Apple iPad 5 – Which One You Should BuyAs for the iPad Mini 2 it is said that it will be the lightest in the medium-range tablet, with a 7.9 inch screen and a resolution at 2048 x 1536, setting a pixel density of 324 ppi, almost the same as the iPhone 5S of 326 ppi.
Since storage options are the same in Apple product, we have no winner here. Both iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 are eagerly expected by Apple customers, the only difference between the 2 being made by personal preferences, size, and perhaps cost – which is yet to be announced.  There is probably still time to decide though, as you will see in our next article speculating on the timing of the release of both Apple products.

The Latest iPad 5 Rumors – Price, Release Date, and Features

The Latest iPad 5 Rumors - Price, Release Date, and FeaturesThe iPad 5 speculation continues.  Yes, rumors were strife that Apple was going to release the new iPad 5 in June of 2013. Now though, it seems that these rumors have been rejected by Apple.
With the announcement, it seems now that the expected release date may vary from September 2013 to even November 2013; it seems Apple is using this opportunity to combine the iPad 5 releases with iPhones and iPods, and ensuring the company with large sales through a very well managed Christmas campaign.
Even though the waiting period may seem long, this is the perfect opportunity for Apple to properly conceive the iPad 5, in their hardware domain, as well as in software.
Most of the tech experts feel that Apple’s first target is to make the new iPad 5, 25 percent lighter and 15 percent thinner. This is caused mainly by changing the 3 cell battery with a 2 cell one and by trying to fuse the gorilla glass cover and digitizer screen into one single unit. Even though it will have smaller autonomy, advantages always come, by reducing the iPad’s overheating and battery leaking, problems that have been reported in previous iPads. Still, there may be an improvement in battery life for the iPad, as there are rumors that Apple will also release an Inductive Smart Cover, containing its own battery, where you can plug-in your iPad, expanding its battery lifespan.  Supposed to have a A6X improved processor, the iPad 5 will be faster and more reliable, while consuming the battery slightly slower than the iPad 4.
When it comes to pricing, ranges are expected to be from $520 for the 16GB model and could raise up to $728 for the 128GB. The mobile 4G version adds another $130 for each storage version. The new iPad 5 will probably be released at the same prices as the iPad 4 that is now in stores, even though retailers will soon lower the prices for previous versions.

iPad Mini 2, iPad 5, or Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini – Which Will Come First?

Last week we wrote about the iPad 5 release rumors and also joined other in speculating when the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini might come to market.  Now, we are left to wonder if Apple might suprise us with the timing of, a much anticipated, iPad Mini 2.
iPad Mini, launched last November to take on Amazon’s Kindle tablets has seen a phenomenal demand. With over three million units being sold in just the first three days after launch, it seems Apple is now looking at bringing in the next iPad Mini soon – which is rumoured to be called the iPad Mini 2.
iPad Mini 2, iPad 5, or Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini - Which Will Come First?With rumors for a launch of the iPad 5 soon as well, it seems that Apple will also take out its next version of the iPad Mini, unless it wants to follow a yearly cycle launching the iPad Mini.
According to insiders, the iPad Mini 2 will have an even sharper display, at 2,048 x 1,536 pixels while the size of the device will remain the same at 7.9 inches.
The missing retina display in the iPad Mini was one of the sorest points of an otherwise truly incredible tablet. In fact, the word on the street also suggest that the tech specs of iPad Mini 2 might surpass those of iPad 4 as well. Which brings us to the questions, what extra would Apple include in iPad 5 to make people buy it over iPad Mini 2, except the size of course.
If the iPad Mini 2 does have an A5X Processor to power it, Apple will have to include some interesting specs in the iPad 5 to make people buy it. True, Apple doesn’t not want to lose market share to Amazon’s Kindle, but it has to think of something more genuine to keep its customer base intact.
Images of a supposed casing of iPad Mini 2 have already been leaked earlier this year, the only question is when will Apple actually come out with this new gem of a device?