Phabulous – Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Designed with the Consumer in Mind

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 designed with the consumer in mind.
(Image Credit: Samsung Note 8 Website)
After the first launch of Samsung’s Android tablet in 2010, it has since improved with new innovative features and apps on its recent releases. These features were not only designed to compete with the Apple iPad Mini but to provide a new and innovative experience to the consumer. The new Galaxy Note 8.0 is a benefactor of these new consumer friendly innovative features. The inclusion of the S Pen feature – which allows easy note taking right onto the tablet itself serves to multitask for the consumer. The S Pen app allows the tablet to be transformed into a real notepad. The flow of the pen is easy, effortless and offers convenience.In addition, Samsung also incorporated an infrared port back to the Galaxy Note 8.0 which will allow the consumer to control their entertainment centers. The Galaxy Note also has additional features such as the benefit of having two cameras. One is a 5 megapixel rear camera and the other is a 1.2 megapixel front facing camera. It has a 1.6GHZ Samsung Exynos processor. It contains 2GB of RAM storage space. Further, the Galaxy Note 8.0 also incorporates a microSD card slot for memory expansion. The large 8 inch screen display with high resolution is an added plus.
The many features incorporated into the Galaxy Note 8.0 all provide for the optimum consumer experience. The setup of the Galaxy Note 8.0 to rival the Apple iPad Mini could not have been more innovative in design, style features and compatibility with dual apps.

iPhone 6, A Mobile Entertainment System? – Rumors Swirl of Very Cool Features

iphoneApple’s tight lid on its production of the new iPhone 6 has only speared the rumors in full force gear. Consumers are expecting to be wowed with the new innovative concept rumored to be in the making. Apple is always on the road to setting the platform for delivering as many innovative features as possible within the realm of one device. The rumored Apple iPhone 6 is said to be one of the consumer’s premium entertainment experiences – and that alone could set it apart in the competitive smartphone race.
Apple is said to be in development of an application which allows multiple users to interact with the phones premium applications. Enabling this type of feature will create a powerful app capable of presenting two-way versions for several different user friendly display devices.
The new concept of the iPhone 6 technology will permit users to navigate through a host device of music and movies from the convenience of a remote control. Some have rumored this gadget to mirror that of Samsung Galaxy’s S4 feature, which is able to surf through television programs. But Apple believes in the pure innovation of technology and where this may seem to mirror Samsung Galaxy S4 it is predicted to surpass it with the extended benefits the Apple iPhone6 will offer.
Orientation-based audio is designed to map and redirect audio accordingly. This feature ensures that given the devices direction of orientation output audio signals are sent correctly to the left and right speakers on the audio device.
The Apple iPhone6 is rumored to be the next best thing to match up against the current success of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Ready to Battle iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 upon their Release

Image Credit: Samsung
The battle for the giant in the technological mobile market rages on between the Apple iPhone devices and the Samsung Galaxy devices. The giant can be discussed and disputed but the truth lies in the sales. The numbers have spoken and the Samsung Galaxy S4 has climbed to the top of the market with its release. As we reported yesterday, after only one month of being released the Samsung Galaxy S4 has far superceded the extraordinary sales of its predecessor the Samsung Galaxy S3 by selling 10 million devices.To clarify, however, these numbers are units shipped not to direct consumers and because of this Apple still claims to be the fastest selling mobile device in the market but many still beg to differ. J.K. Shin CEO of IT and mobile communications at Samsung was said to have stated that, “At Samsung we will continue to pursue innovation inspired by and for the people.” J.K. Shin thanked consumers and ended with this statement to let consumers know Samsung designs for their convenience in mind and will only do so in this way.
Samsung devices have become some of the fastest selling in the mobile market and predictions continue to push the number of sales to supercede even the foreseeable Apple iPhone S5 which is scheduled to release later this year. Samsung has no worries. They feel that the consumer market will continue to purchase the phone best suited to meet their needs in every aspect. Samsung has indeed taken a place of dominance in the worldwide smartphone market – and the battle rages on.

Why is Everyone Freaking Out About Google Glass Privacy? – Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Google Glass Photo
‘Google Glass’- the latest revolution in the field of technology, has been developed by Google as a ‘gadget for tomorrow’. This device is a ‘wearable computer’ and as claimed by the company, its uniqueness lies in the fact that it allows the user to do different tasks at the same time and thereby saving the user’s time. For instance, it contains a ‘voice assistant feature’ which makes it possible for the user to communicate with others while simultaneously doing other stuff instead of constantly looking at the phone while interacting.
So, what are the issues Google is facing?
The susceptibility regarding the device is due to the utmost concern of people regarding their privacy, for instance, a person walking to them with the concerned device mounted on his head will automatically give them an impression of being filmed which may be seen as an infringement to their privacy.
Also the owners of casinos and cinema halls are really concerned about the device as it has a camera attached to it which does not have any light or any signal to show whether it is working or not. Moreover, they are of the view that they won’t allow anyone wearing a Google Glass to get in as there is a risk of cheating, in the first case, and piracy in the second. It has a constant listening mode too which has also created some concern.
All said and done, healthcare professionals believe the device to be capable of destroying the cognitive capacity of eye.
Well, Google Glass is still on limited release and it seems concerns regarding the device will only be removed after the device gets released commercially.  But, it seems everyone is jumping ahead of themselves as Google Glass has not even been released yet, so it is hard to predict the future.

Remember Google Buzz? – If So, You Can Wipe All Your Data or Move It Over to Drive

google buzzThe social networking giant launched by Google on February 9, 2010 – Google Buzz, received a setback in 2011 when the company announced the shutdown of the same. Google Buzz reminded us that the world is only a ‘click’ further. The product has basically been removed to focus on Google Plus as the new launch to take the market. The arrival of Buzz was said to have ‘ignited a hailstorm of criticism’ as described by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. In spite of all this, the users of the same would miss the comforts provided.
Google is now set to take the last step in the shut down. For this, the complete data of the user will be moved to Google Drive, a service for saving data online. On the same lines, two types of files shall be stored – private and public. The best part is that this storage will not be counted against the storage limits.  Or you can just delete all your old Buzz data.
Private File
This will hold all the posts of the user- both public and private but will be accessible and viewable solely to the individual user. It contains the snapshots of all the files and data on the Buzz account.
Public File
All the Google Buzz public posts will appear on this file. By default, it will be viewable to anyone with the link. The results may appear on your Google profile and also Google Plus.
The limitations of this transfer to the drive, is that one would not be able to delete any data after the transfer. So, if you want to save up on this, either delete your Buzz Profile of the unwanted files. Moreover, if you made a comment and it appears on another user’s profile, he can make it public, if not deleted in time.

Is Walmart Making Space for iPad 5 by Discounting iPad 4 Stock – Rumors Are Hopping

iPadApple prides itself in the quality of their products. Their price reflects this pride. Typically, price drops are not in the vocabulary of Apple stores. Now Apple has—at times—shown appreciation to their customers by providing certain discounts – but never extreme price drops. On the other hand, retailers who carry Apple products are in the business of making sales at every possible opportunity. Retailers can see the magnitude of profit coming from the sale of the iPad 5. So, we suspect they would like to make room on their shelves, but clearing their stock of iPad 4’s.
With that in mind, many retailers are setting price reductions now in preparation of the new Apple iPad 5. Typically, retailers will set a price drop even a month prior to the release of a new product. We suspect this strategy—of some retailers slashing prices on the current stocked iPad 4′s—could be signaling preparation to make room for the iPad 5.
There are several retailers who are currently taking advantage of the upcoming anticipated release of the Apple’s new iPad 5.  The first of which is mega-retailer, Walmart. Walmart is said to have reduced its price of iPad 4 by $30. We suspect that we might hear more about Apple’s iPad 5 during Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) schedule to begin in June.  At minimum, we should hear about the iPad 5’s planned features, but we also hope to hear more details around their planned launch of the iPad 5 that Apple fans can’t seem to wait to get their hands on.

Rumored iPad Mini 2 vs. Nexus 7 – Phablet Feature War or Price War?

Apple Tablet
(Image Credit: Apple)
With two high quality companies competing for the number one spot of a new release there has to be a deal breaker for consumers. Apple has prided themselves in their efficiency, convenience and quality of all their devices. We have said it before, and we will say it again – their prices reflect this and rightly so.  Apple has been in the business of consumer technology for many years. They have earned the trust of the consumers and the knowledge they have gained from the market is indeed priceless when it comes to innovative technology.Google also strives to offer their consumers the same quality in product, style and functional capability with their Nexus product.  So, with two high quality products releasing, who will soar to the top with the profit of consumer sales?  The determining factor is rumored to lie in the price. Both tablets are rumored to be equally pleasing but it is—perhaps—the battle of price that will determine the consumer win. Many Apple consumers are loyal to the brand and will continue to be. But many people are going for both user friendly and budget friendly – as well as open.  Google has been known to win over some iOS enthusiasts with their more “open” Android operating system.
While we want to be careful not to over-speculate on price, some rumors have floated around that the cost of the new Apple iPad Mini 2 will be two times more than that of the Nexus 7.  We—along with you—will wait to see once details are released.

Will Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Dazzle us and Feature Pretty Colors? – Rumors Float

(Image Credit: Samsung)
Samsung has truly made its mark in the world of consumer technology by focusing on the smallest needs and styles that would benefit or enhance the consumer experience.Samsung has created this environment through the release of a variety of colors for many of their devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy S4. The same is true of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, which is rumored to be launching in a variety of colors soon. The tablet is only available currently in white. There have been rumors floating in blogosphere of colors such as charcoal black, red and gray.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 was launched earlier this year to compete with Apple’s iPad Mini. The extraordinary success of the iPad Mini did not take away from the success of the Galaxy Note 8.0. The Galaxy Note 8.0 has included many features which leave the iPad Mini blowing in the wind. The Galaxy Note 8.0 includes the compatible and easy flow S Pen. With the S Pen the Galaxy Note 8.0 is turned into a real notepad. This is convenient for quick and decisive note taking all at the hands of technology. The Galaxy Note 8.0 also includes a multi-view mode. The multi-view mode allows users to view more than one app on the screen at a time.
The Galaxy Note 8.0 also has a much larger display screen than the iPad Mini and still conveniently and comfortably fits into the palm of your hand. The Galaxy Note 8.0 is definitely a source of competition for the already released iPad Mini, as well as the rumored iPad Mini 2.

Fans Hope Apple Will Release Details on Features of iPhone 6 at WWDC

iphoneApple strives to ensure new and innovative features with each new device they design. This is the same with the concept of the new Apple iPhone 6. Although in the making to release in the next year, rumors have already begun about the trendy innovative features set to change the world of Apple iPhone consumers. We fully expect for Apple to provide some more details on planned features and estimated release date of the iPhone 6 at the WWDC in early June.
One feature that we expect the Apple iPhone 6 to incorporate is the ability to wirelessly charge the smartphone.  The moment the iPhone is on the last bar there is no more frustration in being without a charger the convenience of wireless charging takes care of that pitfall. We also expect a touch sensitive volume button.  So, for example, when a user is in the middle of a conversation, when noise levels rise, a feature that would raise the volume with a simple touch.
The Apple iPhone 6 is also rumored to have a brand new look with a full HD display. This high resolution feature is great for watching or recording sports events or any event. The iPhone 6 is concept includes a water resistant coating and a dust resistant coating. Another feature is the rear face camera addition as well as the notification LED.
So are the rumors too good to be true? Well, Apple doesn’t usually let their fans down – in fact, they continue to wow them with each new product.  More details to come, for sure, during June’s WWDC.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Sales Soar to 10 Million Shipments – Features Are Impressive

(Image Credit: Samsung)
Samsung has undoubtedly climbed the technological mobile ladder. Samsung Galaxy S3 was a hit. Samsung Galaxy S3 reached a global market in a short amount of time. Could Samsung do any better with the next Galaxy? Well, the consumer sales have answered that question. The new Samsung Galaxy S4 has become one of the fastest selling Galaxy smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a worldwide sale count of 10 million shipments in one month alone.
What makes this smartphone outshine the previous phone?  Well, Samsung has made its mark in the world of mobile technology and it only intends to get better with each new feature, app and product. Samsung devices are designed from start to finish with the consumer in mind. The consumer is concerned with style, convenience and efficiency. Samsung wants consumers to know that their concerns are important to the software and product designers they employ.
Samsung devices are usually designed to release in neutral colors such as black and white but the Samsung Galaxy S4 will release with different color options for the consumer to enjoy. Samsung understands that style does not just come in the design elements of the phone but also in the color features the phone has to offer.
Samsung Galaxy S4 will be released in several different colors in addition to the traditional black and white colors already instituted. Samsung wanted to add to their already traditional colors. The Samsung Galaxy S4 will come in new colors such as brown, blue arctic, red aurora, purple mirage, gold, rose gold and platinum.